Projects in PayTraq can be used in a number of different ways, they can be a short-term or long-term, can be considered as cost centers, can be a deal or opportunity that should be won and then fulfilled, can be used to separate sales among sales managers, etc. It's all up to the users.

In other words a project is some kind of analytics that can be applied to partners, documents or transactions (journal entries).
For instance if you need to view your income and expenses in the context of projects then you should assign a project to any sales and purchase invoices or to any other transactions that may be relavent to it.
A filter by projects can be applied almost to any reports and lists. This means that it will be possible to view general ledger, trial balance and all financial statements in the context of projects.
A project that is assigned to a client or a supplier will be inherited to the invoices and then to the journal entries of these partners.
A projects can also contain tasks, comments and files.
A project can be a multi-company. In this way the same project can be used in different companies (company accounts) and there is a consolidated profit report that will combine transactions from different sources.
A new project can be created by going to My PayTraq -> My Projects then press ''Create a New Project'' button or it can be created straight from the document or partner.

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