Outgoing Shipments

Outgoing Shipments (menu Warehouse -> Documents -> Outgoing Shipments) is a list of all warehouse documents related to the sales, purchase returns, internal and external movement of goods.

Warehouse documents show the movement of goods and stock changes. Warehouse documents can be sorted by date, document number and warehouse name. 

A warehouse document can be generated automatically, for instance, during invoicing when goods are sold. In this case the warehouse document will contain all stockable items from the invoice.

If goods are delivered before the invoicing, the transaction may begin with creating a warehouse document. This warehouse document will then be used to create an invoice.

To go from a warehouse document to the invoice linked to it, click on the link in the upper part of the warehouse document near the invoice number, or click on the banknote symbol at the beginning of the item line.

To go from an invoice to the warehouse document linked to it, click on the truck icon at the beginning of the item line (a warehouse document containing this item will open), or go to the ‘Goods Movement’ tab on the invoice page. This tab contains links to all warehouse documents related to this invoice. 

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