Warehouses (Warehouses -> Warehouse List) is a list of the actual places in which your items are stocked. You can setup multiple warehouses and create moves between warehouses.

The list can be sorted by name, code, markup/discount, status, and type.  The warehouse profile contains information about the warehouse name, type (retail or wholesale), loading area address, markup (or discount) applied to the warehouse in general (general markup or discount), as well as information about promo discounts for certain goods applying to the given warehouse.

In order to trace inventory valuation in the General Ledger, you need to assign warehouse to a specific inventory account (warehouse profile, Accounting tab).

The warehouse profile contains a checkbox enabling the user to prohibit the dispatch of goods which would cause negative stock. If negative stock is prohibited, the available inventory, current and as of the date of the shipment, is checked during the issuance of sales and shipping documents.

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