Create a New Outgoing Shipment

Create a New Outgoing Shipment – is a form used to register in PayTraq the specifics of items physically sent from the warehouse. 

Goods can be shipped from the warehouse:
1. to the customer – sale of goods
2. as purchase return to the supplier
3. goods movement between warehouses (internal goods transfer)
4. or goods movement to the customer (external goods transfer)
The internal transfer always begins at the source warehouse and has a status of "Waiting for Approval" until the goods are received to the destination warehouse. 
If outgoing shipment (a sale of goods or a return to the supplier) is created first, an invoice/a credit note needs to be created for this outgoing shipment (shipments) to complete the operation. If an invoice/a credit note is created first, a new outgoing shipment is created automatically. 
Several outgoing shipments/purchases returns to the supplier can be imported into one invoice/credit note. One outgoing shipment/sales return to the supplier can be linked to only one invoice/credit note. 

How to create an outgoing shipment if an invoice is issued after the shipment of goods?
1) Select menu Warehouse -> New operation -> Create a New Outgoing Shipment.
2) Select the type of outgoing shipment – Sales. Enter the date, select the source warehouse and the customer. If you can’t find the customer in the customer list, enter the customer’s name in the appropriate field to create a new customer (all this customer’s data can be added later). 
3) Add the goods and their quantity to the item list. To create a new line click "Add a New Entry" link or N button on your keyboard. To create a new product, click "Create a New Product" link (all product’s details can be added later). Click "Update" button to save the changes.
4) Check the document and click "Approve" button. The goods have been removed from source warehouse inventory and the outgoing shipment has been saved with "Waiting for Invoice" status.  
5) To link an outgoing shipment to an invoice, open the shipment, click Create a New Sales Invoice, fill out the invoice with the necessary data, and click Confirm. 
You can also link an invoice to an outgoing shipment (shipments) when the invoice was created from Sales menu – select needed outgoing shipments in the "Import Lines from Shipment" section of new invoice screen and click Import. 

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