Manual Journal Entries

Manual journals are used mostly by accountants to work directly with the general ledger to create journal entries which cannot be recorded normally otherwise.

New Manual Journal is a form to add a manual journal entry and post it to the general ledger.

The form contains fields to be filled out using the information about the business transaction.

To add a New Manual Journal entry fill out required fields:

Journal date – the date for which the journal is created.

Journal type – choose suitable journal type from the dropping menu.

Document number – document number that will be associated with the created journal.

Business partner – enter a partner name; if a partner is not found on the partner list, enter the partner name in this field and the new partner will be saved automatically.

Account – select a general ledger account.

Description – fill out this field if needed, e.g. mention the reason for creating a journal.

Debit, Credit – the amount for which the journal is credited and debited; you can post as many debit and credit journal entries as you need, make sure the amount debited equals the amount credited.

Currency –select a currency; the current exchange rate will be filled in automatically.

Tax key – select a tax key for the journal entry line for automatic calculation of the taxes and automatic generation of the entry in the tax journal entry if needed.

While posting manual journal entries for such account groups as money, debtors, creditors and advances, you can select a tax key so the taxes are calculated automatically and a corresponding tax journal entry is posted. For all tax keys, except for import, the taxes are calculated on the gross amount in the journal entry line, while for import the tax base is calculated on the tax amount in the journal entry line.

Narration – any notes relating to the created journal.

Project – add project name if you want to link new journal to a certain project.

Tags – add tags if needed (you can add multiple tags by separating them with a comma as you type).

Post a balanced journal entry by clicking Post button.

To edit a posted entry, cancel the approval of the posting first. 

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