General Ledger

A General Ledger is a complete record of all financial transactions of a company.

The General Ledger section (Accounting -> General Ledger) – provides a central repository for collecting and analyzing your financial information, helps to find and sort any stored transactions.

This section consists of a General Ledger Summary, Trial Balance, Account Transactions and a Partner Ledger tabs.


General Ledger export to Excel 
Sometimes it is very comfortable to use Microsoft Excel to analyze and present accounting data.
You can easily export all journal entries (a chronological accounting record) for a selected period from PayTraq to Excel format (*.csv) to do further analysis.
Go to Accounting -> Journal Entries -> Filter Options -> Advanced Search, select the reporting period and click on Export to CSV  button.
The created *.csv file contains information in the following columns:
- Journal ID (unique number of the journal)
- Journal date
- Journal type
- Business partner
- Document No.
- Project
- Amount
- Code (code of General Ledger account)
- Account (name of General Ledger account)
- Description
- Debit (debit amount in the transaction currency)
- Credit (credit amount in the transaction currency)
- Currency
- Debit (debit amount in the balance currency)
- Credit (credit amount in the balance currency)
- Balance currency
- Tax key (a tax key applied to the journal entry) 
- Narration  
- Created (date of journal entry's registration in General Ledger)
- Author (name of journal entry's author)

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