How to Set up a Swedbank Bank Feed

PayTraq communicates with Swedbank by using Swedbank Gateway.

With Swedbank Gateway, you no longer need to enter your Online Banking to export your bank statement and check your balance. Your current bank balance is now available in the system, while all banking transactions are updated in PayTraq online.

Depending on your contract with the bank, you can choose to get a notification of each new banking transaction within a few minutes after the transaction is conducted or get a notification at night of all the banking transactions conducted throughout the day. 

If you choose option one, PayTraq will show all transactions in your bank account almost in real time, while option two does so with an up to 24-hour delay. 

In any of these cases, your current bank balance will be conveniently available to you any time.

How to enable Swedbank Gateway?

Swedbank Gateway is enabled in 3 steps:

In Bank

1) Sign a Swedbank Gateway Agreement with Swedbank

2) By following the instructions provided by the bank, create a PKCS#12 file with your private key and certificate issued by the bank. 
We are happy to help you in case you have trouble creating the file.

In PayTraq

3) Go to Bank Accounts -> Bank Feeds and activate the Swedbank Gateway channel by uploading your PKCS#12 file. 

Instead of PKCS#12 you can also upload JKS file. The easiest way to convert PKCS#12 (.p12) into Java Keystore (.jks) file is to use the keytool program that is a part of the standard Java distribution:

keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore YOUR_FILE_NAME.p12 -srcstoretype pkcs12 -srcstorepass "YOUR_FILE_PASSWORD" -destkeystore YOUR_FILE_NAME.jks -deststoretype jks -deststorepass "YOUR_FILE_PASSWORD"
Make sure that the correct IBAN number is entered for every Swedbank Bank Account you have created in PayTraq  

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