How to Set up a PayPal Bank Feed

PayTraq communicates with PayPal by using PayPal API (PayPal business account is required)  
First you will need to activate PayPal Bank Feed by providing your PayPal API credentials.
When PayPal Feed is activated then optionally you can proceed with activation of the PayPal Checkout channel in your Sales Inbox.

In PayPal

1) Sign into your business PayPal account and click on Profile -> Profile and Settings

2) Click on My Selling Tools and then Update to the right of API Access (under the Selling Online section)

3) If you haven’t requested an API key from PayPal before… 
You will be at the API Access screen. Select Request API Signature.

4) If you have requested an API key from PayPal before…
You will be at the API Access screen. Click on View API Signature

5) You will be on the View or Remove API Signature screen. The credentials you will need to connect to PayPal are API Username, API Password and Signature

In PayTraq

1) Go to Bank Accounts and create a new Bank account with type PayPal and your PayPal Merchant Account ID (repeat for every Paypal currency you are using)
If you do not know you Merchant ID then you can enter it later or copy it from My business info page by going to PayPal and clicking on Profile -> Profile and Settings -> My business info
2) Go to Bank Feeds and activate PayPal Feed by providing your API credentials.
Your Merchant ID will be shown. If you have not entered it before then copy it to the appropriate field of every PayPal bank account you have created. 
PayPal Bank Feed is multi-currency so you will need only one feed for your PayPal account.
3) Optionally you can go to Sales -> Sales Inbox -> Channels and activate PayPal Checkout channel to receive shopping cart orders that have been passed to PayPal.

Transactions included in the PayPal Bank Feed

The PayPal Bank Feed only includes the following transactions:
  • with a status of Completed, Cleared, Reversed or Refunded
  • in the same currency of the PayPal account you set up in PayTraq
  • with the same Merchant ID you entered for your account in PayTraq
PayPal Feed does not include authorizations and does not deliver transactions that temporary affects PayPal balance such as Temporary Hold, Fund Availability and Rolling Reserves.

Orders included in the Sales Inbox by PayPal Checkout channel

The PayPal Checkout channel receives orders from the following transactions:
  • Authorization
  • Payment (without prior authorization)

The shopping cart should be passed to PayPal as Express Checkout to provide availability of non empty item list in PayPal transaction details.

Add PayPal as a payment option for your invoices

You can also use PayPal to accept online payments for your sales invoices quickly and easily.
To activate PayPal payment option all you need to do is to go to Money -> Bank Accounts -> Online Payments, select PayPal option and enter your PayPal email address. This will activate PayPal payment option on the invoice online link. 

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