Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication

Step 1

Take out your phone. In the iPhone or Android app store, search for and then download either an app called  Google Authenticator (iPhone, Android) or one called Duo Mobile or Microsoft Authenticator.

These apps are made by Google and Duo, but your data will never actually touch a Google or Duo servers. These two authenticator apps are just implementations of a standard called the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm. This method hands a secret key to your phone, which your phone inputs into an algorithm. Your phone then solves the algorithm every 30 seconds, using the current time as one of the inputs. If you and the two-factor server both have the same secret key, and can show it’s roughly the same time, then you’re allowed to sign in. 
Google Authenticator and Duo Mobile are just two different ways to run one of these algorithm solvers on your phone.

Step 2

Go to your My PayTraq menu, choose My Profile page, then click "MFA". On this page, PayTraq tells you to show the authenticator app a QR code. This is how it communicates the secret key to your phone.

In Google Authenticator, you have to press a plus-sign button near the top of the screen to start a new log-in. After pressing it, tap the option to "scan barcode". Then show it the QR code on the screen.

Instead of scanning a QR code you can enter in authenticator app a secret configuration key from MFA page in PayTraq.

Step 3

Your phone's authenticator app will now have an array of six numbers on the screen. Enter them in the box at the end of the MFA page, then click "Activate" button.

You can activate and deactivate multi-factor authentication at any time in your user profile's MFA page.

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