Clients are those you sell your products and services to. The Clients page contains a list of clients’ cards. This list can be sorted by name, e-mail, group, type and status.

Each client card contains information about the customer (it has some general fields with the Business Partner form, such as bank details and basic information).

PayTraq offers flexibility in collecting client information. By default, most fields are not required, and you can choose to enter as little or as much information as you like.

The client card keeps all information in following tabs:
General Info – name, activity status, registration number and legal address
Financial Info – payment terms and credit limit
Bank Info – client's bank details
Shipping Info – shipping addresses, options and rates
Contacts – client's representatives contact information
Notes – a place to add and view client related notes and history of interaction
Sales – place to review due and overdue amounts, as well as easily create overdue invoice notices
Statement – view client account statement for any specified period
Relation Types – place to add/remove relation types such as supplier, employee, bank, tax authority and other
Files – upload files (of different formats) related to the client

From the client card, you can readily create a new sales document by clicking the Create a New Document button.

By clicking on the client's name in General Info tab, you can move to the client's Business Partner page.

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