Purchases. Documents

The All Documents tab contains a list of documents for purchasing of goods and services. The list can be sorted by the date, the document number, the supplier, due date, the amount of a document and the amount due.

The following types of documents are available: a Purchase Order, a Proforma Invoice, a Purchase Invoice, a Purchase Receipt, a Purchase Voucher and a Credit Note (Refund Invoice). Each document type has a distinct set of fields and its printed form.

Each document type can be used with three types of operations: Purchasing Goods, Purchasing Services and Other Expenses.

The Purchasing Goods have to be used to add only products from the product list; for products with the type "Stockable", a shipment will be created automatically upon the posting of a purchase document.

Purchasing Services and Other Expenses are free forms to add the bill received.

For each document type, a type of operation is bound by default; so first choose the type of the document, and then, if necessary, the type of the operation.

For the document type with the "Tax inclusive" option, the "Amounts are Tax Inclusive" checkbox will be checked on a document form; if necessary, the display of the prices can be changed manually in the document.

The Waiting for Approval tab is a list of purchases with the Draft or Waiting for Approval status. Documents of the Draft status are editable, and documents of the Waiting for Approval status requires confirmation of posting.

The Waiting for Payment tab is a list of purchase documents of Waiting for Payment or Partially Paid status.

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